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What I do

I’m so glad you’re here

I photograph you. I am here to capture you in all your glory, whatever that means to you.

  1. Family/maternity/newborn

  2. seniors

  3. engagements



  6. Product/branding

photographs should not be stiff, awkward or uncomfortably posed.

Photographs should instill confidence, passion, & love. I’m not here to take cookie-cutter stock photos of you or your loved one. I’m here to show the world the real you - serious, goofy, blurry, sad, etc. I want to get to know you & all of your quirks & bring them out to give you a badass photo & an experience you won’t forget. Sessions start at $400.

I’m Mary

I could tell you 10 meaningless facts about me like “I love chocolate” and “I’ve never seen Star Wars”, but instead I want to tell you what my work is all about…an artist’s statement of sorts. I strive to create something lasting. I don’t want to take your photo or sell you a print that you like that year and then decide to store away in the attic when you move. I want you to feel something with my art, so much so that you can’t wait to put it back up on your new wall. My photos are all about intention, movement, and manifesting a feeling. I often find beauty in blurry images that obscure the subject. I find beauty in photos that are soft and make you think about the people or mountains in them. Anyone, literally anyone, can take a pretty picture, but I still believe - even in the midst of a technological boom - that it takes a special eye to capture something that takes your breath away or makes you stop in your steps and think.

I’ve been a photographer for 6 years

I first picked up my dad’s camera 11 years ago and loved messing around with it. I started by taking photos of my surroundings; sunsets, mountains, family, a pair of old converse high tops. But the more I did it, I soon figured out a common theme - people. I’ve since began to feed my love for photographing humans. I love seeing what they’ll do when I tell them to move, I love the way the light shines on faces and how I can capture emotions that are otherwise missed.

I’m purely self-taught, and did not go to school for photography. I was turned off of the curriculum of a photo class and felt that I had enough base knowledge from that first camera to propel me further. As a result, I’m not a cookie cutter shooter. I like blurriness, I like “flaws”. I like vulnerability. I like natural light. I’ve spent the past 6 years perfecting my professional style and keeping up to date with the latest technology.

I shoot real people in real time

If you’re looking for a pose-y, basic and boring, stay-in-one-spot photoshoot, I am not your girl. Expect an adventure. I am spunky and I like to bend the rules and find beauty in discomfort or awkwardness, so let your freak flag fly. I do minimal editing. None of this Pinteresty-see-the-same-pics-all-over-instagram-stuff. It’s gonna be raw and it’s gonna be powerful and it’s gonna be fun.

I’ve collaborated with businesses such as Nourish, Barre406 Studio, G.U.T.S. Girls Leadership, Le Petit Outre, and Courtney Murphy Ceramics. As well as with brands such as Stalyon and Strongwater Surf, other creatives such as Leanna Joy Photography, Ingrid Svare Photography, The Girl With the Winged Eyeliner Blog, bands like Heavy Wood and Hawthorne Roots, families, children and more.

I love to travel and have been to Europe (Italy, Spain) as well as Guatemala. I will happily jump on a plane to photograph you, just say the word.



How long have you been a photographer?

I first picked up a camera when I was 13 and have been doing it ever since! I used to shoot a lot of landscapes but have since narrowed my interests to portraits/boudoir and engagements! I’ve been shooting professionally for about 6 years.

what the heck is boudoir?

bou·doir /ˈbo͞oˌdwär/ noun French

Boudoir literally translated means a woman's bedroom or private room. Boudoir photography is defined as a photography style in which women pose partially clothed or in lingerie. These photos are used as a way to document how great you look and feel about yourself at this given time. And a session with me will do just that. No need to prep or go on a crash diet or exercise marathon for this. These shoots are meant to document YOU and empower YOU in your truest, most badass form. They are some of my favorite photos to take and I find them crazy beautiful, powerful, and raw.

How do you price your packages?

I price each of my sessions individually and based on each clients’ need (ie; travel, location, hours, extra planning together, photos desired, second shooter, etc). Mini sessions start at only $200. I strive to accommodate everyone and what they need! For inquiries, fill out the Book Me form!

what if i just need some quick headshots?

Sounds good! A mini-session would be just right for you! Just fill out the quick Book Me form and I’ll price it accordingly (most likely much cheaper than the starting price for most of my sessions)!

What gear do you use?

I have recently upgraded to a new Canon EOS 80D. I have many lenses but my favorites are a 50mm, 35mm, macro 70-300mm. I have and Wandrd PRVKE Backpack (I’m obsessed with it, here’s the link), and a Canon Speedlight flash.


Do you travel? How much would that be?

Yes! I’d love to go wherever you need me! Travel expenses including mileage ($ .50/mi), airfare, rental car, and hotel will be covered by the client. I try to set flat rates as to accommodate travel fees. For a custom quote, please inquire.

How does payment work?

I charge a deposit of half the amount of your shoot at time of booking, then you pay the second half 1 month before your shoot. Deposits are non-refundable. I accept payment via Venmo or via my booking platform. I also take cash or check in person.

What about tax?

For any shoots outside of MT, I will apply that specific state’s tax (if applicable). If we’re shooting in MT, don’t worry about it!

Do you have a cancellation fee?

If you have to cancel/reschedule within 48 hours of your schedule session, a $75 fee will take place.

Do i have to wear something specific/do my make-up & hair?

If you’d like! This is mostly up to the client. If I have a certain idea for a shoot, then I will specify this and the style I wish to achieve, if not, then let’s celebrate what makes you feel beautiful! I try to keep my clients looking as natural as possible. If there’s some blemishes you’d like to hide or if you want your hair straight vs curly, you do you.

What about prints?

Depending on your session and package, prints are available to add or have been included in your shoot. Prices vary.

I also have a handful of other photos I’ve taken (landscapes and journalism stuff) that are available for prints! Shoot me a message and I’ll link you to the store, Or follow the STORE icon through the menu! Have patience with me as I am still setting up my store.

Do you share your images?

With the clients’ permission, I love to share the images from my shoots either on my photography instagram, facebook page, or on my website. If you’re uncomfortable with this, please let me know!


Get in touch

Feeling ready to book a session? FABULOUS!

Just fill out this short form so that I can get more information about you, your boo, your desired session, your story, and budget. This helps me provide the exact right package for you based on your needs and preferences.

Tight budget? No worries, trust me - I get it! Let me know and we’ll work with it! Living in Hawaii? Sweet! Send me the info and I’ll hop on a plane so fast you won’t even need to put it on your calendar. Just need some headshots for your business? Let’s do it. Are you a business needing some advertising? Look no further - I got you.

Need more details? OK!

let’s make it happen


reviews and recommendations

by clients

This sweet and vibrant lady is so talented and easy to work with... I highly recommend reaching out to her for your photog needs!!!!!
— Robin Moon (owner of barre406)
Whatever you need photos for, go with Mary. I promise you’ll love your whole experience.
I did a boudoir shoot with Mary and a bunch of friends and it was so fun and the photos turned out amazing.
I don’t usually enjoy getting my pictures taken because my body/face just do weird things when I know a camera is on me. I told Mary if she could make me look good, she could make anyone look good and she 100% did. I love these photos.
I would trust Mary with capturing my biggest day, or the littlest moments in life that you want to remember. She is beyond talented and will make you feel comfortable, and beautiful. She will capture your best self for you to look back at forever and ever.
— Megan Galliford (boudoir session)
It made getting my senior photos done go from a chore to an adventure. The work turned out fabulous and I never expected to have so much fun with the whole process.
— Bailey Redman (senior session)
Mary did an excellent job! She made the shoot fun and it felt very natural which helped make for some great photos! She was professional and friendly! I would highly recommend using MAK Photo!
— Beth Sutter (portrait session)
Mary took our engagement photos this past summer and working with her was a DREAM! She was so kind, professional and honest about what looked good and not! Will for sure have her do our wedding photos! Highly recommend working with her!!!
— Nettie Caine (engagement session)
The shoots are inspiring, they give you the feeling that anything is possible. Everything was new and exciting.
— Michael Weber (blogger, portrait session)
Let me start by saying that Mary is an amazing person! She is kind and fun as well as a great listener. She was happy to meet and go over what I was envisioning for my wedding as well as visit our location! The wedding was wonderful and Mary captured wonderful beautiful moments!! She turned the photos around so quickly and sent us sneak peeks the day after that we’re so beautiful!! When we got our photos they were everything we’ve ever wanted!! I highly highly recommend Mary!!!
— Angela Webb (bride)
I LOVE working with Mary! She is always authentic and sincere. Working with her is a blast! Our shoots were always filled with lots of laughter. She is very timely with editing the photos and does a beautiful job. Mary is very talented and I highly recommend MAK photography!
— Afton Limberg (portrait session)
I have worked with Mary for different styles of shoots: brand and engagement. Both shoots came out better than I could have imagined. I like her style of being candid and genuine. Purely capturing the moment. Not only are her photos genuine but so is she. Shooting with Mary isn’t awkward but welcoming. She is honestly curious of you and your adventures to come. I would definitely recommend booking with MAK Photo for your next adventure.
— Anna Couch (branding, engagement session)
It was so meaningful...we could quickly get into a deep conversation instead of the meaningless chatter. And I love all my pictures so much! They’re natural but have deep tones!
— Leanna Krenik (Leanna Joy Photography, portrait session)
Mary really has a knack for capturing some of the loveliest candid images...a couple of her photos from camping trips we’ve taken together have turned out to be some of my favorite shots of myself (and I really hate being in front of a camera!). Whether in a casual setting like camping, or a formal photoshoot for a wedding or graduation, I believe it is those ephemeral in-between-the-pose moments where the magic really lies. Mary can capture that magic, giving her photos a quality of sincerity and authenticity that can be hard to find. Definitely recommend MAK.
— Lyndsey Stupay (advertising, portrait session)
Mary is the ideal photographer to work with. She is both professional and personable, open to suggestions and opinion, yet great with providing direction and guiding the shoot in such a way that each photo she takes captures the essence of that moment. I highly recommend MAK Photo.
— Julianna Jack (portrait session)
Honestly, Mary is just a vibe. I feel like she has an uncanny ability to glamorize nature, and people in it. Personally, looking at photos can be like looking at something fake, you forget they’re people with emotions and lives. I don’t forget that when I look through Mary’s work. 10/10
— Charlee Remitz (musical artist, supporter)
I highly recommend MAK for any and all photography needs! Seriously the most fun I’ve had while getting pictures taken of myself (which usually gives me so much anxiety).

Mary does an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING job of capturing the beauty in every situation and while also keeping the experience natural and fun!

I already have another shoot with her this weekend and I can’t wait!
— Morgan Jett (boudoir, graduation session)
Mary is so sweet and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable! She is very passionate about her art form and always growing herself!
— Brianna Moylan (portrait session)