Alie and her Truck


The late September sun was beaming down during my visit in Bozeman last month. I was tight on time but I managed to squeeze in this sultry photoshoot with Alie. We met mid-afternoon, just us two for a simple shoot with her friend’s old Ford truck.

She wanted to show off her newest additions to her skin art and little did I know, she knew just how to do it. As we got going, she eased into it and began to be comfortable with the camera. I remember thinking “Man, I wish all of my subjects were this graceful in front of the camera!” (myself included)

I was so impressed by her natural modeling ability and it was a blast to shoot her.

Originally, we were just doing a simple vintage shoot but as we got to talking and throwing ideas around, we eased into somewhat of a boudoir style and I could not have been happier to help Alie strut her stuff.

What came out of this shoot was something I usually don’t produce - a filmy, sexy, faded, vintage look and I went for it. From the vintage Ford, to Alie’s edgy style, I was so stoked to see the final product.

The best thing about shooting with Alie is her willingness to be spontaneous and her gorgeous poses and movement. A photographer’s dream! I can’t wait to shoot with her again. (And maybe get another tattoo myself!)

Love you, girl. Keep being fierce.